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Office Hours (by appointment)
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6pm
Saturday 7:30am -12pm


After Hours Emergencies
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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide our clients and their pets with the high quality medical and surgical care we desire for our own pets.

Good value in veterinary care is a priority. We use our resources carefully to minimize waste and protect our environment while maintaining a quality facility.

Continuing education seminars and training sessions are another priority to allow our staff to stay current with new knowledge and techniques. This allows us to make new procedures, products and preventive health care measures available to your pet.

Our Technology

We strive to bring you and your pet the most up to date technology available to ensure complete veterinary care. We offer state of the art surgical procedures, such as laser surgery, on site laboratory, and a complete radiology department.

Our Compassion

Your pets are treated with compassion at home and you can expect no less when they are in our care. Our staff has chosen this profession because they care for and have respect for animals and rest assured your pet will receive the utmost compassion while in our care.

Our Valued Resources

u of i imageWe are fortunate to be close to the
University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. This places many specialists and advanced procedures such as ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI within a short distance from our practice.

We are also fortunate to be able to utilize the services that Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine offers, too.

When needed, we encourage consultation and use of these resources to assure the best care for your pet.

aaha imageProud Member of the American Animal Hospital Association
Be responsible, spay/neuter

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We accept VPI Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance

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AVID® microchip
AVID® microchips help identify your pet when the unfortunate happens and you are separated from them . We offer the administering of the AVID® microchip.

AVID stands for American Veterinary Identification Device

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